Metoprolol Velpharm  

Metoprolol Velpharm



Active ingredient (INN)
Composition (active ingredients)
metoprolol tartrate - 50,0 mg, 100,0 mg
Фармакотерапевтическая группа
β1-selective blocker
Pharmacotherapeutic group
50 mg tablets №30, 60; 100 mg №30, 60
Сonditions of supply
on prescription


  • arterial hypertension: lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular and coronary death (including sudden death);
  • stenocardia;
  • in complex therapy after myocardial infarction (secondary prevention);
  • heart rhythm disturbances, including supraventricular tachycardia;
  • functional disorders of cardiac activity, accompanied by tachycardia;
  • prevention of migraine attacks;
  • hyperthyroidism (complex therapy).
Dosage regimen

Dosage regimen

Metoprolol should be taken orally, on an empty stomach, during or immediately after a meal.
Tablets can be divided in half (but not chewed) and washed down with liquid.

Arterial hypertension

100-200 mg of metoprolol once in the morning or in two doses: morning and evening. If necessary, the dose can be increased or another antihypertensive agent added. Long-term antihypertensive therapy with 100-200 mg of metoprolol per day can reduce overall mortality, including sudden death, as well as the incidence of cerebral strokes and coronary circulation disorders in patients with arterial hypertension


100-200 mg per day in two divided doses: morning and evening. If necessary, another antianginal agent may be added to the therapy

Heart rhythm disturbances, including supraventricular tachycardia

100-200 mg per day in two divided doses (morning and evening). If necessary, another antiarrhythmic agent may be added to the therapy

В комплексной терапии после инфаркта миокарда

The maintenance dose is 200 mg per day in two divided doses (morning and evening). The administration of metoprolol at a dose of 200 mg per day can reduce mortality in patients who have had myocardial infarction, and reduce the risk of developing myocardial infarction (including patients with diabetes mellitus)

Functional disorders of cardiac activity accompanied by tachycardia

100 mg metoprolol once a day, it is recommended to take a tablet in the morning. If necessary, the dose may be increased

Prevention of migraine attacks

100-200 mg per day in two divided doses: morning and evening


150-200 mg per day in 3-4 doses

Use in patients with renal failure

In case of impaired renal function, dose adjustment is not required

Use in patients with liver failure

Given the low degree of association of metoprolol with plasma proteins, dose adjustment is not required. However, in severely impaired liver function (in patients with severe liver cirrhosis or portocaval anastomosis), a dose reduction of metoprolol may be required

Use in elderly patients

Elderly patients are recommended to start treatment with 50 mg per day (since a sharp decrease in blood pressure or increasing bradycardia may be more pronounced)

Actions when it is necessary to cancel the drug:
If there is a need to interrupt or stop treatment with metoprolol after prolonged therapy, the dosage of the drug should be gradually reduced by 2 times for at least 2 weeks.
When the “withdrawal” syndrome appears, the dose reduction should be slower. A sharp cessation of the drug can cause myocardial ischemia and can lead to an exacerbation of the course of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, as well as increase arterial hypertension.


There are contraindications, consult with a specialist before use