Magnesium sulfate  

Magnesium sulfate



Active ingredient (INN)
magnesium sulfate
Composition (active ingredients)
magnesium sulfate heptahydrate - 250,0 mg
Фармакотерапевтическая группа
Pharmacotherapeutic group
solution for intravenous administration 250 mg 10 ml №10
Сonditions of supply
on prescription


Intravenous (slow jet or drip). The patient should be in the supine position. Doses are specified taking into account the therapeutic effect and the concentration of magnesium ions in the blood serum
  • arterial hypertension (including hypertensive crisis with symptoms of cerebral edema)
  • polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (pirouette type)
  • eclampsia (to suppress seizures) and preeclampsia (to prevent seizures in severe preeclampsia)
  • tetany uterus
  • poisoning with salts of heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, tetraethyl lead)
  • hypomagnesemia (including an increased need for magnesium and acute hypomagnesemia - tetany)
Dosage regimen

Dosage regimen

The drug should be taken in the minimum effective dose, for the shortest possible period of time.
Inside. The tablets are swallowed whole with a sufficient amount of liquid.

Hypertensive crisis

intravenously (slowly over about 5 minutes) 5-20 ml magnesium sulfate solution 250 mg/ml

Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia

intravenously 1-2 g (4-8 ml of the drug) for about 5 minutes, repeated administration is possible

Preeclampsia and eclampsia

the dose is set individually, depending on the clinical situation. Saturation dose - 2-4 g (8-16 ml of the drug) after 5-20 minutes (infusion). Maintenance dose - 1-2 g (4-8 ml of the drug) per hour

Tetany of the uterus

saturation dose - 4 g (16 ml of the drug) after 20 minutes (infusion). Maintenance dose - first 1-2 g (4-8 ml of the drug) per hour, later - 1 g (4 ml of the drug) per hour (can be administered drip for 24-72 hours)


daily dose - 0,2-0,8 mg/kg intravenously slowly

in newborns

mild: a solution of magnesium sulfate is used parenterally, if the oral route of administration of magnesium preparations is impossible or impractical (due to nausea, vomiting, impaired resorption in the stomach, etc.). The daily dose is 1-2 g (4-8 ml of the drug). This dose is administered once or in 2-3 doses

in adults

severe: initial dose - 5 g (20 ml of the drug) intravenously slowly in 1 liter of infusion solution (0.9% sodium chloride solution or 5% dextrose (glucose) solution). The dose is selected depending on the concentration of magnesium ions in the blood serum

Prevention of hypomagnesemia in patients receiving only parenteral nutrition.
If there is no magnesium in the nutrient solutions, it is added additionally. The daily dose is 1,5-4 g. Usually, 1 g of magnesium sulfate is added to 1 liter of parenteral nutrition solution. The maximum daily intake of magnesium sulfate for adults is 40 g. The doses of magnesium sulfate indicated above are given in grams, they correspond to the amount of solution 250 mg / ml: 1 g - 4 ml; 2 g - 8 ml; 3 g - 12 ml; 4 g - 16 ml; 5 g - 20 ml; 10 g - 40 ml; 15 g - 60 ml; 20 g - 80 ml; 30 g - 120 ml; 40 g - 160 ml. A solution of magnesium sulfate is diluted with injection solutions: 0.9% sodium chloride or 5% dextrose (glucose). With prolonged use, it is recommended to monitor blood pressure, heart activity, tendon reflexes, kidney activity, and respiratory rate. If necessary, the simultaneous administration of calcium and magnesium salts, drugs should be injected into different veins.


There are contraindications, consult with a specialist before use