Ketorolac Velpharm  

Ketorolac Velpharm



Active ingredient (INN)
Composition (active ingredients)
ketorolac troietamol (ketorolac tromethamine) - 30.0 mg
Фармакотерапевтическая группа
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
Pharmacotherapeutic group
solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration of 30 mg / ml 1 ml №10
Сonditions of supply
on prescription


Pain syndrome of severe and moderate severity of various origins with injuries, toothache, pain in the postoperative period, with cancer and rheumatic diseases;
Designed for symptomatic therapy, reduce pain and inflammation at the time of use. Does not affect the progression of the disease.
Dosage regimen

Dosage regimen

Intravenously and intramuscularly.

A solution of the drug Ketorolac is used in minimally effective doses, selected in accordance with the intensity of the pain. If necessary, you can simultaneously prescribe narcotic analgesics in reduced doses.

For parenteral administration to patients from 16 to 64 years old with a body weight exceeding 50 kg

no more than 60 mg are administered intramuscularly once (taking oral administration). Usually - 30 mg every 6 hours; 30 mg intravenously (no more than 6 doses in 2 days). The maximum daily dose is 90 mg / day.

Intramuscularly in adult patients weighing less than 50 kg or with chronic renal failure (CRF)

once administered no more than 30 mg (taking oral administration); usually - 15 mg (no more than 8 doses in 2 days.); intravenously - no more than 15 mg every 6 hours (no more than 8 doses in 2 days). The maximum daily dose is 60 mg / day. The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 days.

With intravenous administration, the dose must be administered in at least 15 seconds.

Intramuscular injection is carried out slowly, deep into the muscle.

The onset of analgesic action is noted after 30 minutes, the maximum analgesia occurs after 1-2 hours. The analgesic effect lasts about 4-6 hours.


There are contraindications, consult with a specialist before use

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